Welcome to A5 Power Solutions

A5 Power Solutions, Inc. provides the highest quality products and services. We deliver and create value with integrity and honesty. Our goal is to leverage innovative technology to improve clients’ businesses with a team that has the combination of vision and charisma to make the mission a success. Success will be achieved by combining A5.com, CIAN and OASYS with A5 Power Solutions, Inc. leveraging our own current and future client relationships with the technical assistance, project assistance and pricing through our company.

We intend to capitalize on our electrical industry experience by combining our understanding of the rapid dynamic changes taking place in the marketplace with our passion for our solution offerings to benefit ours and those that follow the same vision and strategy with overall well-being. Everything we approach will be based on our spiritual nature and our ability to build on what we have already accomplished.

Visit us at 1595 Weld Rd., Elgin, IL, 60123 or call 630-503-6934 (Elgin), 309-691-3000 (Peoria) or 612-900-5207 (Minneapolis) for more information.