A5PS Commercial Power Solutions

Universal Electric’s Starline Busway/Raceway Systems


Starline PMS 7525 print

  • 40, 50, 60 amp Compact Series
  • 100, 225 Amp Series
  • 250, 400, 800 and 1200 Amp Series
  • Custom Configurable Circuit Breaker Plug-ins
  • Continuous Access Track Plug-in Busway/Raceway Systems – AC & DC Solutions
  • Available at the Elgin location
Mitsubishi UPS Systems
Mitsubishi UPS Systems

  • Single Phase UPS 6-12 KVA
  • Three Phase UPS 10-750 KVA
  • Distributed Parallel Configurations
  • Green UPS-highest Efficiencies for Online Double Conversion UPS up to 97%
  • Available at the Elgin and Minneapolis locations
Current Technology – A Thomas and Betts Power Solutions/ABB Company
Current Technology

  • Surge Protection Devices (SPDs)
  • TransGuard, TransEnd, Current Guard and PX3 Series
  • Temporary Overvoltage Protection (TOV) – SL3 Series
  • Field Testing Capability on all Series
  • Independent, 3rd Party Test Reports on Single/Repetitive Surge Current Ratings

  • State-of-the-Art Battery Management Solutions
  • Proactive Early Warning Approach to Battery Failure
  • Wireless Communication Architecture
  • Available at the Elgin and Minneapolis locations
PermAlert Leak Detection Systems – A Division of PermAPipe, Inc.
CPermAlert Leak Detection Systems

  • PAL-AT Microprocessor-based Leak Detection
  • Tank Watch Systems
  • Fluid Watch Systems
  • Available at the Elgin and Minneapolis locations
Controlled Power Company
Controlled Power Company

  • midtronics_productsmidtronics_productsmidtronics_productsUL 924 Emergency Lighting Inverters (550W-18kW)>
  • UL924 Emergency Lighting Inverters (10kW -30kW)
  • Power Conditioning Solutions for Imaging Systems
  • Hospital Grade (UL60601) UPS
  • Suite Lite DC Lighting Systems for MRI Rooms
  • Power Correction Solutions Without the UPS
  • Power Conditioning and Voltage Regulation
  • Single and Three Phase Power Conditioning Solutions

  • Wireless Monitoring Devices
  • Highly Accurate Power and Environmental Monitoring
  • Device to Mains Circuit-Level
  • Self-Configuring Wireless Network
  • New or Retrofit into Starline Circuit Breaker Plugins
Critical Uptime Services
Critical Uptime Services

  • Preventative/Remedial Maintenance
  • Battery Replacement
  • Emergency Service
  • UPS Rental

  • Variable voltage and frequency conversion systems
  • 0.5 – 800 KVA, Custom configurations above 800KVA
  • Input: 120VAC, 120/208VAC, 220/380VAC and 277/480VAC, 50Hz or 60HZ
  • Output: Low Range 5-150V L-N, High Range 10-300V L-N, 47-63Hz, 50Hz, 60Hz and 400Hz
  • Single Phase Input and Output
  • Three Phase Input and Output
  • Three Phase Input and Single Phase Output

  • Generator Docking Stations
  • Dual-Purpose Docking Stations
  • Load Bank Docking Stations
  • Rotary Docking Stations
  • Meets NEC 700.3(F)
  • ETL Listed to UL 1008 Standards
  • Patented Lockable Rake System
  • 100A-5000A up to 45KV Systems